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Why Am I Writing?

I’m Sandeep Narayan Shelke, BE Computer Engineer, from Pune University, Maharashtra, Bharat.

Though I’m a student of technical field but it never lured me. For last 4 years, that means from my Graduation year, I’ve been fighting with myself for quitting the current field of study and join either Political Science or Rural Development, because it was the time when I started realising broader prospects of life which made me aware of grave problems around me. Especially Farmer’s suicide (1,80,000+ farmers committed suicide in last decade), Corruption, Unemployment, Illiteracy, Terrorism, and many more. The list of issues my nation, Bharat Mata, faces is endless and growing like a bamboo tree.

I’m a son of farmer which I’m proud to be. Being a son of farmer I learned the art of giving in my childhood. But it’s only these recent years (2003 afterwards) when I realised the power of giving. But the giving attitude has forced farmers to commit suicide as the politicians and citizens of Swatantra Bharat never understood their responsibility of giving back in lieu of what they received (looted) from farmers. The food producer of this nation (Bharat) is in a grave danger, because of Government Policies, Natural calamities, negligence by fellow countrymen, lack of manageent and  illiteracy (I’m not a scholar or researcher but I feel this way).

When started studying the cause of all these problems I realized that somewhere in the past Bharatiya Politicians adopted the wrong path and the country suffered i.e. the path of socialism. In the name of socialism Neharuian politics started killing the public interest, depriving citizens of their freedom and substituting it with Nehru’s interest.  So the problems started for farmers (were there before independence as well but under colonial rule what would have expected) and this time around enemy is from within us. Around mid 1990s the farmer’s crisis rose beyond suppression and then the suicide spree erupted like lava.  By government records since 1997 more than 2,50,000 number of farmers committed suicide (till 2011) and still this news is no news because Rahul Gandhi becoming PM was more important than farmer’s life. Every political party (there might be some exceptions by accident) and prominent leaders of this country were enjoying the fruits of democracy (mobocracy) and were busy feasting the farm produce by the farmers. Dalal street dalals were busy trading the farm produce in commodities market by sitting in AC. These dalals don’t even know how much time it takes to ripen the crop, what is the cost of the seeds and how much debt the farmer incurred but they will quote the price by own logic.

So the question arises what the hell Govt. is doing? Government is busy acquiring land for SEZs, Private Builders, Rohul Gandhi endorsement, using tax-payers money to publicise self-interest, naming the various tax-payer funded schemes after the names of Gandhi-Nehru family (as if like there is no one else worth it), created more and more bureaucratic systems so that corruption will continue and many such corruptions. If such is the case why media and citizens are quite? What is stopping the good people from doing the job? Why the (well educated, barring exceptions) children of the farmer don’t want to work for them? What is it which is killing us (Bharatiyas) for many centuries?

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing”.

Such and many other questions have inspired me to break out and do something which can bring the much needed change and ignite the like-minded souls for the duty in the honour of Bharat Mata. Problems would never end if we just talk about this as drawing room argument, but will flourish if we maintain to do so. So I decided to act and write as much as I can. While walking these lines I started searching for like-minded companions and could connect with some (like Shantanu Bhagwat, Sanjeev Sabhlok and others).

Jai Bharat!

38 Responses to “Why Am I Writing?”

  1. vijay said


    I left you a message on Shantanu’s blog (Open letter to Balasaheb) about the Farmer suicides. Since reading your blog, I was very disturbed and feel we should do something about it.

    I read about the “Adopt a Farmer” scheme and also Sanjeev’s comment, about “Glass full of salt” from the ocean. But If that glassful of salt would mean saving a life then so be it. As they also say “boond boond se sagar banta hai”.

    What I was proposing was a “Lottery Scheme” where a needy farmer family gets a desired amount to clear their debts and carry on for a year.

    Let me know. Waiting to hear from you.

    btw. You are doing an excellent job.

    Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra, Jai Bharat.

  2. @Vijay,
    Thanks you.

    I appreciate your views and really overwhelmed by your response.
    I’ll mail you on your personal mail ID, we can carry on the discussion about ‘Lottery’ or ‘Adoption’ there.

    जय भारत!
    जय महाराष्ट्र!

  3. My heart beats for my village at Nagpur. I am pained how funds are siphoned at Zilla Parishad, Block Development officers and Gram Panchayats. Pains, Pains and Pains. I am sure one they will explode and will burst the corruption bubble. We need to sensetize rural folks and decision makers at New Delhi that monies is going to drains and that itself is the major driver for Rural Devide.

    Avinash Murkute
    Bribe still not Paid to BSNL
    26 bribe transactions from my village are reported to BSNL CMD Kuldeep Goyal. Jai Hind.

  4. @Avinash
    Namaste and welcome to the blog.

    Sadly we both share the same agony. But we have to unite and fight against these people. We have to our bit of work and spread awareness about the wrong doing in the society.
    I look forward to hear more from you.

    By not paying the bribe and leading the battle by reporting the misdoing you are doing an excellent work. Good work keep it up.


  5. Abhijeet Sawant said

    “Adopt a Farmer” sounds good.

  6. @Abhijeet
    Welcome to the blog.

    I’m planning to start with a new thread on this blog to carry out detailed discussion on “Adopt a Farmer” concept. I’ll invite to the discussion.
    Shri Vijay, Shri Malik are already on the list of invitee along with Shri Shantanu, Shri Sanjeev.


    Jai Bharat!

  7. Hey Sandeep,
    First time I’m reading your blog. Great Man. Nice to see your writings..keep it up and put some light on the hiding areas..


  8. Namaste Karthik,
    thank you for visiting and inspiring me.
    Please share which hidden areas you are looking for.
    Consider visiting, it has other issues than here.

    Jai Bharat!

  9. AAryan said

    I believe the Government and the Industries focuses more on the Urban development rather than the villages. Thus it is a time to have a branches focusing entirely on the village development. Each interested person can take a leadership to start such program. We need to get together to enhance the strategies and come-up with the model which can sustain by itself without any political or government intervention.
    ||namO Bhaartam, namO Sanskritam||

  10. Biggest issue is that the perspective with which they look at us. Every english speaking is considered superior to native language speaker. Looks like they want to create western colony with Bharatiy rulers where natives are treated like dogs.

    So if they concentrate to uplift rural economy then power will decentralize and they would be treated like next to nothing by natives. Also these are the people who feel being Indian is far superior than being a Bharatiy. Which itself is a proof of slave ideology.

    Agree that we need to unite and setup sustainable village development models to be followed by our brothers and sisters. I’ve some raw thoughts will be sharing on the blog sometime to create a healthy discussion.

    Jai Bharat!

    P.S. ‘THEY’ is the elite class who feel above all

  11. You are doing an excellent job.
    Thanks alot to share all these content with us.
    Continue writing!!my good wishes with u!!

  12. @Ravi Bhushan ji,

    Thank you very much for the support and inspiration.

    Jai Bharat!

  13. Dear Sandeep,
    You are doing a great service for our motherland. Keep up the good work.
    Your lines

    Though I’m a student of technical field but it never lured me. For last 4 years, that means from my Graduation year, I’ve been fighting with myself for quitting the current field of study and join either Political Science or Rural Development, because it was the time when I started realizing broader prospects of life which made me aware of grave problems around me. Especially Farmer’s suicide ..

    filled me with emotions; this is exactly what I want to convey to people around me but don’t get enough success.
    But I am sure that one day not only public will listen to people like us, they will follow us too.

  14. @The Mindset:
    Thank you very much for appreciation and support.

    I’m in no way successful yet in what I want to do, but yes I’ve taken a small step in that direction. Rest is left to the future apart from walking the path.

    I pray to the god that we get more power to fight the odds.

    Jai Bharat!

  15. anju singh said

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    atah aap se nivedan hai ki hamara margdarsan karen. aur kisi acche sansatha ke bare me batayen. aur us sansatha ka information hamari email id pr send kar de.

    ************* MODERATED: Removed personal details of author *************

    aapki sevika
    anju singh

  16. Namaskar Anju ji,

    Blog pe likhane evam bhet dene ke liye aapko dhanywad. Aapke is samaj kary ke hetu ko main abhivadan karata hu. Behad khushi hain ki aap itne achchhe kary ke liye apne aap ko samarpit kar rahi ho.

    Maine kuchh jankari aapke email par bhej di hain kripaya dekh lijiye.

    Jai Bharat!

  17. mohansing said

    hi sandeepa muje bi samja kary me intrest he ..uske liy o vihcarshakti bi he ,dedication bi he ,,but online blog ke liya me jeya karu pla gaid me dear ,, tera karya bhut mahatva purn he deha badalne ke liy .. M Rana

  18. @Mohansingh ji,

    Please visit or or; you can create your blog on any of these websites.

    Jai Bharat!

  19. anju singh said

    @sandeep shelke ji,

    apne hamara margdarshan kiya, iske liye hum apko dhanyawad dete hai.
    aur apse hame anurodh hai ki isi tarah hamari margdarshan karte rahen


  20. @Anju ji,

    Mujhe behad prasannata hui ki aapko kisi kary me main sahyog de paya.


    Jai Bharat!

  21. sandeep jadhav said

    I want to discuss with u about this point. Plz mail me fast…


  22. Namaskar @Sandeep Jadhav,

    Please check email.

    Jai Bharat!

  23. You are doing a very good job for country and its people .I am in always in support of you, keep it up .Today nation requires a youths like you to change the picture of the country ….All the best

  24. You are doing a very good job for country and its people .I am in always in support of you, keep it up .Today nation requires a youths like you to change the picture of the country ….All the best……
    And One important thing I am with you,on the same issue

    My book”2G Scam…the Biggest corruption Scam in India”‘ published by Lambert Publication Germany is going to Launch on 16 August 2012 at my Native place ”Sohal ”Tel.Karanja Lad,Dist Washim , Maharashtra
    The revenue generated by selling of this book is given to families of farmers who committed suicides…….
    I am Inviting you for book publication program ..I am very happy If you will show you presence..

  25. म्हस्के साहेब तुमचे मनःपूर्वक आभार. तुमचे ब्लॉगवरती स्वागत आहे.
    तुमच्या पुस्तकाच्या प्रकाशनासाठी माझ्या सुभेच्छा, तसेच प्रकाशनाच्या कसल्याही कार्यात काही सहकार्य करू शकलो तर मला आनंदच होईल.
    निमंत्रणासाठी धन्यवाद! मी येण्याचा नक्की प्रयत्न करेन.

    जय भारत!

  26. ravi said

    Great job Sandeep continue the good work. I was doing the same and I lead the Anna Hazare agitation in my home city, vizag and we successful to some extent but lot needs to be done because people and their feelings towards the country are almost “dead” as you said, there are exceptions.

  27. Raviji, Namaskar. Thank you for your support.

    Jay Bharat!

  28. Kenneth Gonsalves said

    i observe you have not questioned why tribals are grouping together and opposing goverment moves to take over thier land you sould do you not think so

  29. @Kenneth,

    I could not read much about that. But upon reading and understanding about them I’ll certainly write.


    Jay Bharat!

  30. m.sraddanandam said

    it like your outlook

  31. good one!

  32. Thank you Rahul.

    Hope to see you more often.

    Jay Bharat!

  33. nish said

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  34. Devendra kr.srivastava said

    I started my jobs for the PDPL(Indore)in1997,here i am putting my problem company transfer me Patna to Srinagar without any information so i would like to request to you i need your help regarding this matter.thanks

  35. Anshu said

    संदीप नारायण शेळके जी नमस्कार! आप एक बहुत अच्छा कार्य कर रहे हैं, इसके लिए बहुत धन्यवाद। मैं आपसे जानना चाहता हूँ कि, क्या इससे आपको कुछ आमदनी होती है, यदि हाँ तो क्रप्या बताने की क्रपा करें कैसे?….मैं आपसे सहयोग की आशा करता हूँ।

  36. Devendra ji, Take this transfer as an opportunity. I don’t know how can I help you in this. But, if you have any specific question I can help you find solution for it.

    Anshu ji, Namaskar.
    नहीं इस ब्लॉग से कोई आमदनी नहीं होती। और कुछ जानना चाहते हैं तो कृपया विस्तार से स्पष्ट रूप में पूछे तो मैं कुछ उत्तर दे सकू।

  37. Anand Mohan Mathur said

    Adopt a farmer is a new concept. How does this concept work?

  38. Achyut Sahasrabudhe said

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