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Roadtrip for regaining life

Posted by संदीप नारायण शेळके on September 17, 2013

Namaste Friends,

The idea of conducting road-trip has been on my mind for long time now. So to start with I chose following dates and route. This is a beginning to live what I love. Enough said and less done till date. Now I want to be myself again. I want to travel around the world but before I get there I’ll start with my country, state. I cordially invite anyone and everyone with motor-bike to join this trip at own expenses.

I’ve planned a road-trip from 21-22 Sept 2013 to 26-27 Sept 2013. The route is as shown in below map.


Route + Vague itinerary:

  1. Start from Chinchwad, Pune
  2. Head towards Kolhapur, first night halt probably here.
  3. Explore the Kolhapur city and places in-and-around
  4. Head towards Amboli ghats. The exceptional mountains and ghats, might be the halt here
  5. Explore Amboli valley
  6. Now head towards Cavelossim Beach, Goa via Sawantwadi – A halt here is must
  7. Explore the places nearby
  8. Move towards Tarkarli beach, Sindhudurga – A halt here too
  9. Water sports and exploring
  10. Now move towards Murud-Harnai Beach – A halt, maybe?
  11. Back to chinchwad

Itinerary isn’t fixed and would improve as we reach the places. As I said this is an purely exploratory trip. I don’t want to restrict by strict timings. The places are selected so, because I felt that way. No other motivation research went into it.

Mode of travelling:

  • I’m using my motor-bike TVS Apache 160R


  • Riding gears must (Helmet, jacket, ).
  • Get your bike serviced.
  • Don’t carry any expensive materials.
  • No riding in the night. [Can be relaxed depending on the area and local intel].
  • Strict NO to booze and ride.
  • Anyone can join at own expense.
  • You can leave the trip anywhere.

Whoever wish to join please contact me at

Jay Bharat!

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