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Online Voter Registration System – Bharat

Posted by संदीप नारायण शेळके on October 17, 2012

Election Commission of Bharat has introduced a system to register the voters online. It is pretty simple to use the system.

भारतीय चुनाव आयोग – नागरी सुविधा

1. Click on the link above.

2. Select the link option “New User Registration”.

3. Enter your mobile number(Give personal number) as userid and your functional email id.

4. Then click on “Register” button.

5. Wait till the system sends an code through SMS to your mobile number (it takes at max 15 minutes).

6. Enter the code, received through SMS, in the text field and then click “Verify” to continue.

7. You will see following window as dashboard.

8. To register your name in electoral rolls, change address/name/constituency, remove name select the third option on the header “Submit New Application For Inclusion/Deletion/Modification in E-Roll”

9. Now select your state, then district and then assembly. (Assembly is the lowest denominator to segregate the voters in nation)

10. Then click “Submit” button.

11. You will see five various forms to choose from. Select one appropriately.

Form6 – Apply for including new voter

Form6A – Apply for including new voter (Bharatiy non-resident)

From7 – Apply an objection to an entry or deletion of an entry

Form8 – Apply for correction to an entry in electoral roll

Form8A – Apply for shifting the name from one assembly to another

12. Before you submit make sure that you have an passport size photograph scanned and an identity proof copy scanned

13. Do not forget to note down the new application id and concerned ERO name and number (Appears on upper right hand corner after submitting the form).

14. When you submit the application print an copy for your form.

15. If needed sign and dispatch it through post to ERO.

Jay Bharat!


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3 Responses to “Online Voter Registration System – Bharat”

  1. Very useful post. Copying it to spread further. Thanks

  2. All is yours brother.
    I lost your contact number. Request you to sms me, if you have my contact or email me.

  3. Gajendra kunkal said

    Please send my voter card

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