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Endosulfan Saga

Posted by संदीप नारायण शेळके on May 2, 2011

We have heard a various news about Endosulfan Tragedy in Kerala for long time now. I would like to put some light on what exactly it is?

What is Endosulfan?

  • It’s an agrichemical used as insecticide and pesticide.
  • In simple terms to kill the crop destroying gets, pests and to improve the productivity.
  • It’s used in agriculture around the world to control insect pests including white-flys, aphids, leaf-hoppers, Colorado potato beetles and cabbage worms

Whats the issue then?

  • It’s very toxic. That can disturb the eco-system due to its sheer toxicity. When something is more toxic it can damage the organism itself.
  • Its Endoctrine Disruptor, means it interferes the functioning of hormones which are responsible for reproduction, maintenance of metabolism, development and behavior.
  • Its bioaccumulable, means the plants, where its applied, will absorb the toxic substance from this pesticide in self organism and then this toxic substance will be part of the plant afterwards.
  • It’s a persistent organic pollutant, that means whatever toxic substance it produces gets absorbed by organisms around.
  • It is non-specific so it negatively impacts beneficial insects too.

Aireal Spraying of Endosulfan

Who are the manufacturers and users?

  • Producers are Bayer CropScience, Makhteshim Agan, and Government-of-India–owned Hindustan Insecticides Limited
  • Bharat is the largest user in the world.
  • In Bharat, producers are three companies – Excel Crop Care, Hindustan Insecticides Ltd, and Coromandal Fertilizers.
  • Above 3 companies produce 4500 tonnes for domestic and 400 tonnes for export use.

Read more about Endosulfan:

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4 Responses to “Endosulfan Saga”

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  3. Neha said

    We people of India are careless about what goes into our food , maybe because we have been blessed by a good soil and abundant crops which were always healthy.

    Chemical fertilizers and pesticides often get into the crop and then into anyone who consumes them this is outright dangerous to the entire nation and hence needs to be handled very carefully.

    It is much better to rely on organic fertilizers and pesticides.

  4. @Neha,

    The foreign propaganda is being practiced at our behest by the greedy politicians. Scientists too are sold out. We can see the effects of green revolution and the endosulfan.
    Read this to learn the adverse impact of Greed Revolution in Punjab. Punjab is now cancer capital of Bharat.

    Jai Bharat!

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